Event Planning & Event Management

 Live Artists have a team of event industry specialists who have a wealth of experience in finding what you're looking for

We provide you with all the tools and contacts you will need for your day, or we can manage and run the whole event from top to bottom - also specialising in
fund-raising, community awareness and giving back what we can to your individual communities


Classic Car Shows 
We run a series of car shows and  have created a huge brand following,  averaging 1000 - 5000 visitors proving extremely popular in
local communities and inviting many more people from far and wide.


Community Days
Bring your community together with a Family Fun Day or Community engagement day,
Very popular with sports venues and schools, raising great funds and enhancing community awareness


Music Festivals
Done on a community level, our festivals use our provided bands and artists from your area to promote these events and then
finishing off with a very popular tribute act or headline act for get the party atmosphere at it's pinnacle


Inflatable Days
Very popular with a unique selling point, these inflatables are
a big hit at sports venues, schools and community grounds